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The way you start your day outlines the shape of all that follows. A rough start usually means a rough day. However, it is very simple, and intensely important, to start your day out right. Here is a quick overview on how to start your day off right.


Don't start your day by diving into your computer or checking messages on your phone. That stuff has waited all night. A half-hour more won't matter. If you start your day this way, it'll make the whole day more difficult.

If it's that important to connect at say, 8am, get up 7:30.

Don't, really, really, really don't turn on the television. It'll put your mind back into a dream state and you'll spend all day half-awake.



A few simple steps... half an hour including a shower if you don't take a really long shower... will make your whole day easier, lighter, more fun, less stressful. You'll get more done, feel better about yourself, and enjoy it much more. 

  • Dreams. Dreams can teach you much. Sit up so you don't fall back to sleep, but don't get up immediately. Relax, stay half-asleep in bed, and make notes on any dreams you remember. It should only take you 3-5 minutes.
  • GCB & SWEET. These are very basic Elfpath exercises that you can learn in our free Demo Course. Get your energy moving and clear out the mess from the night. When you are asleep, your unconscious mind (your guts) runs things. And it doesn't always make the best decisions. Take ten minutes, stand (in front of an open window if you can), and just ground, center, breathe, and SWEET. Relax, feel your body waking up. Notice your mind getting a bit sharper as you move out of the alpha mind state. And gently continue until you feel awake and stable.
  • Food. The meta-body needs to eat a little every 2 to 3 hours to keep your sugars balanced. Most of you sleep for more than 8 hours. So when you wake up, your body's hurting. It needs sugar, ideally something light and healthy like a piece of fruit. Avoid fruit juice first thing as your sugars will crash 20 minutes or so later. Avoid heavy things like bacon and eggs or whole grain cereal. Your digestive system has been resting. Wake it gently. Eat a little and then after 20 minutes or so, eat whatever you want. Avoid coffee, nicotine, drugs, and such at first for the same reason.

  • Air. When you sleep, you don't breathe deeply. Doing so would wake you. If you are someplace cold enough that your windows were shut all night, you were breathing recycled air for hours. So, hours of shallow breathing with unhealthy air. One of the first things you can do is to get some air moving. You started that with GCB. Continue by going outside and taking a 10-15 minute walk. Let your body remember how to move after a long nite being frozen in place. And breathe deeper than you are used to. It'll get your mind and body moving and start your energy moving right. Once you've shown your system how good it feels, it'll continue in that vein all day.

  • The regular stuff. When you have covered the basics, eat your breakfast, drink your coffee, and so on. Shower. Check your email. Now's the time to do all the stuff you normally do in the AM.

after Angel, 13 June 2013

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