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General Questions

What are the Meta-Intuitive Arts?
"Meta-intuitive" is an umbrella term that includes all types of working with the more subtle energies and the natural intuitive gifts. It includes traditions like tarot, runes, palmistry, and any form of extra-sensory perception and energy work. It literally means "intuition about intuition", or "the overarching study of the intuition". We call working with the subtle energies the meta-intuitive arts, because regardless of your particular field, it takes a lot of skill and often decades of practice and training to do it well. In this and in several other aspects, it is very similar to the Martial Arts, the more combat oriented systems where students often take decades to learn the basics under the guidance of a more experienced teacher.
What do you actually do here?
Elfpath teaches a two- to four year educational program in the Meta-Intuitive Arts. Students take once a week online classes through chat and video conferencing, and participate in a once a week check-up on their progress. They do study assignments and a series of basic intuitive practices to build experience and skill. Teachers and senior students are available throughout the program for personal help and advice, as is our supportive community. Outside of class moments, students of all levels like to hang out, chat, share experiences or play games together.

In our program, students learn awareness of their own emotions and eventually those of others, process baggage from their past, get in touch with their own natural intuition, and learn powerful intuitive techniques to help them achieve their goals and become the person they want to be. As a part of this process, students also learn about effective communication, personal strength, physical and mental health, focus, and many other useful life skills that tie in closely with the meta-intuitive arts. You can read all about the details of the program under our course pages.
Why? What's the point?
Intuition is inborn, and a natural and healthy part of being human. It allows us to be aware of the energies in the world around us on a level that our eyes and ears cannot get to - and to use this information to navigate through life. You suddenly can tell when to turn left or when to stick to your path, which berries are edible and which animals will bite. Realising your goals in life becomes much easier once you can sense the obstacles and opportunities around you. Furthermore, the physical world things that matter to you (like physical health, relationships, safety, happiness) are strongly affected by the subtle energies underlying them, and working with them gives you a huge advantage in creating the life you want.
What makes you unique?
The methods used by Elfpath are unique because they address a field almost entirely ignored by both modern science, medicine and alternative medicine. Rather than looking at the physical, or even the emotional, we work at a deeper level, accessible only through the meta-intuitive arts. This gives us access to a wide array of meta-sensory perceptions to find, diagnose and address problems in the energy body that are causing trouble in day to day life. Through addressing the energy level, we improve physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects of life. We work and interface directly with the subconscious mind, allowing us to change patterns that cannot be addressed through behavioral therapy only. And finally, rather than teaching a single technique or in a single area, we teach them the underlying principles of intuition and magic, which allows us and our students to apply our skills across domains to any of the meta-intuitive fields.

While some traditions do work with natural intuitive abilities, there are almost no institutions left in this world that provide students with solid training in those abilities, or the personal strength and techniques to handle them responsibly. What is left of such institutions are mostly hidden in secret societies or only accessible to a very select public somewhere in the Himalayas or in the rainforests of Peru. Elfpath now for the first time in thousands of years is making the teachings of the intuitive arts accessible to a wide public of regular people, and putting them in service of creating healthier, happier and more successful lives for everyone who wants it.
What's with the elves?
There are no elves involved with Elfpath. ELFPATH is an acronym, and stands for the Easy, Light and Fun Path to Awakening True Harmony. We feel that any path that is meant to bring you closer to your self, should be easy. Everybody should be able to do it. The path we teach is a light path, one that involves being kind to people, caring about each other and acting from joy rather than fear. And we do our best to make it fun, especially when sometimes the steps can be difficult. That is why we made the letters ELF such a big part of our name. Becoming your self and learning the meta-intuitive arts takes time to learn and to grow into. It is a path you walk, and the walking changes you. In this, we focus on awakening parts of yourself that were asleep, or that you didn't know were there - especially the heart chakra, the place from where you can truly connect to the world and to other people around you. Once your heart is online, you can live and work in harmony with everything around you.
And the butterflies?
Butterflies are a symbol for joy and dancing with life. They are colorful and beautiful and remind us to have fun and be gentle with ourselves while we are growing and learning. They are also a symbol for transformation. Like frogs and a few other creatures, butterflies undergo a huge transformation in their life cycle. They go from being a caterpillar, crawling around close to the floor and eating leaves, through a pupa stage, to flying around on wings and eating nectar from flowers. This change from caterpillar to butterfly in some ways is a lot like the change our students make from white belt to black belt. As students go through our entire process, they slowly change from being scared, confused, earth-bound folks to being beautiful, confident and capable people who live their life from joy and with a great sense of personal freedom. That's why our rank images have the matching butterfly stage on them.
Why are there some negative google entries about Elfpath?
As part of our process, students learn to look inside and find the messy, scary, overwhelming emotions that they buried in childhood because it was too much to handle. They face them, dive into them and feel them to let them go and to be free again. They learn to use their intuitive senses, and are able to look at themselves and the world around them from a new perspective. They suddenly notice the places where they were being controlling, or controlled. Where they were being abusive, or abused. They learn to stand up and say no, and to step forward and say YES. Sometimes, that process gets difficult, and sometimes it is easier to stay who you are and avoid the messy stuff that the Elfpath process is showing you is there.

And yet, it is not these students, following their process and facing their past, who write negative blog entries - they write the testimonials you can find on this site. The few negative entries were made by young people who never took more than a surface look at the meta-intuitive arts, and who either did not like it that the people around them changed and became less inclined to be pushed around, or did not like the work they would have to do themselves in order to get the change they were looking for. Our website is open, there are no hidden parts. Many of our teachings are freely available through the infobase, and you can see the blogs and discussions of our students and teachers that they are willing to share. Form your own opinion.

About Intuition and Magic

What is intuition? What do you mean with intuitive gifts?
Intuition is that thing inside you that tells you the phone is about to ring and it's your mom. It's the thing that says "don't trust that person" and "take a chance here, it'll work out." It's what lets you perceive beyond the physical, and create beyond the limits of the scientifically know world that is all most people know. Intuition is what all mothers have when they wake up a minute before their child does, and what all children have when they point at things you cannot see, and have long conversations with friends that you think must be imaginary because you can't hear them. It's what makes you be late for a fligth that's going to crash, and what lets that brick fall just next to you rather than on your head. And that's just what people know when they have no formal training in intuition. With training, and practice, and the right method... it can do all of those things and more, on purpose, when you need it.

Although everybody has intuition, not everybody has it to the same degree, or in the same way. Some people are really good at perceiving colours. Others are great at bringing opportunities their way, or letting you feel what they're feeling. Much like people have different strengths when it comes to high school courses, people have different strengths when it comes to intuitive gifts. Somewhere in the middle of our program, you will naturally start to discover and grow your own.
Don't you have to be born with that?
You were born with that. Somewhere in childhood, people taught you not to pay attention to your intuition, said that the monster under the bed wasn't real and that your friends were imaginary. And over the years, as you ignored it and collected a lot of messy things that you didn't know how to process, your intuitive gifts got buried. You never developed into your full intuitive potential, because no body ever taught you how to.
Why would I want it?
They're a part of you, as much as your eyes and ears and sense of smell. You may not know that you have the potential to be hugely intuitive, but you do, and developing it will make your world richer, more intense and more beautiful than you can believe. Just like being able to see improves your life, and being able to hear lets you have whole conversations with each other. And for those of you who do have some experience with the meta-intuitive arts and have found it scary or too much - that only happens if you do not have the appropriate training to handle your intuitive gifts. Much like having eyes, but no one ever told you not to look directly into the sunlight, or that it doesn't work the same under water, and you can get soap in them. With the right training, your intuition becomes as useful and valued a part of you as any of your other senses.
How does it work with my religion, my believes?
Just fine. The intuitive abilities are as much a part of being human as anything else. If you believe that your sacred power created you, then he/she/it created you complete with intuition, so you could use it and enjoy it and celebrate it like any other part of you. If your religion asks you to be kind to other people, and to yourself, or to really get to know who you are and be as aware of the world around you as possible, those are key principles of our program. If your religion tells you to learn to truly love, we can help you with that. Elfpath is about helping you become the person you want to be - and if what you want to be is more devout in your religion or believes, and having a deeper and truer understanding of those things you hold sacred, then we help you find those things. We will teach you how to scan, how to look at everything in your life with a deeper awareness, how to perceive and ask questions. We don't tell you what to see, or what answers to find.
But what if I don't believe in energy and those things?
That's ok. You don't have to believe in anything to get started. Just like you don't need to believe in your chair to sit on it, or to believe in food to eat. As you go along, you will have many, many opportunities to get your own experiences, to explore the meta-intuitive arts and see for yourself if there is anything to it, and if it works. If you're a skeptic, if you're just not sure or you haven't seen data to show that the meta-intuitive arts are very real, we heartily invite you explore it for yourself and then draw your own conclusions. If you are one of those people who has already decided that it's not real, however, try to recognise that you disbelieving it based on exactly as much data as those people who believe on blind faith: that is to say, nothing. Try it. There might just be more to life and this world than you are currently aware of.
Can I learn to be happy / really myself / live up to my potential without any of the intuitive and meta- parts?
That's difficult. Being really yourself comes from inside, from that sacred place that holds the core of your self. It takes more than just an awareness of the physical world to be able to find and grow it, and it takes a solid familiary with the meta- to make your energy body healthy. The physical and metaphysical interact on many different levels, and for some things, you need the meta- together with the physical to get results. In addition, the intuitive abilities are a big part of you and who you can be, and in ignoring them, you would always be missing a part of yourself. You can still find and express some of who you are without any of the meta-, but not all.
Why do you use meta-tools?
Meta-tools are just regular objects, that have a particular energy woven into them. This energy is what's special about the tool, not the object itself. Weaving energy into and object that holds for a long time, is a meta-intuitive skill that some advanced meta's can do. You don't need to use meta-tools to progress in Elfpath - but it does help. Meta-tools can help you to find and hold an energy that you want to build inside, they can help you to let messy energy go and stimulate particular parts of your energy system, to make you healthier. Our belt level necklaces, for example, are meta-tools that are designed to help students grow and that improve general health.
Are you a cult? Or a religion?
No. We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to teaching awareness, astounding intuitive gifts, and personal power. We teach our students the tools they need to make their own, well-informed decisions and to be able to carry these decisions out powerfully. We teach them how to really get to know themselves, and to develop themselves to their full potential. We ask them what they want, and help them find steps to make their goals possible.

About Courses and Teaching

Where do your teachings come from?
Elfpath teaches Angel's methods of changing your life and learning the meta-intuitive arts. Angel has traveled the world and spent time as a monk in the oldest Christian monastery in the world (St. Catherine's in Egypt), worked with Native American shamans and elders, learned the ancient mysteries of Hawaiian tradition, and more. He also has degrees in engineering, psychology and a PhD in divinity. Out of all this experience, collected from scientific study, elders from ancient mystery traditions and his own off-the-chart intuitive abilities, he distilled all the most useful and practical and created his own methodology, which you see here, put into an easy process for everybody to follow. Angel has spent at least three decades working personally with tens of thousands of people, one on one, in small groups or in large lecture halls, teaching a wide variety of topics including integrity, effective communication, and the art of handling and developing one's natural intuitive gifts.
What will I learn?
Our program is very diverse and touches on just about all areas of the human experience. We call it your travel company for life for a reason! Because we work on a meta-intuitive level, our very simple teachings can be applied across a huge range of fields, which is what makes it so useful to you.

You will learn, among a lot of other useful things, to recognise, feel and handle your own emotions, to clear the baggage from your past so that it no longer influences you, to clear the imprints you made on your parents so that you can grow into your self, to become a skilled communicator, to have wonderful relationships with friends and partners, to help others who need you, to have the answers to most problems, and most importantly, during our program you will learn who you really are, both in this life and outside, and to express that powerfully and elegantly. As a bonus, you will learn to work with the meta-intuitive arts competently, and eventually will be able to do what most people would call magic.

Check out our course program for a closer look at our 2-4 year program, the way course series work, and the content of each course.
What makes you qualified? Do you have certificates?
The difficulty with having a unique program, and exploring areas of an art that almost no one else practices anymore, is that there are no certification agencies around that are capable of evaluating our curriculum. There is simply no one else who knows how to do this. We recognise this as being a problem with all of the meta-intuitive arts (such as psychics, healers, etc). These are very popular fields with many practitioners, and no overarching organisation to qualify anyone. Many practitioners in such fields are untrained, and sometimes not even skilled in the area they claim. As a result, countless hopeful people get hurt or disappointed, and the meta-intuitive arts as a whole have gotten a bad name.

Elfpath is build on a rich intuitive and experiential understanding of how the meta-intuitive arts work, from working with tens of thousands of people over the span of three decades. Parallel to that, many of our teachings are rooted in decades of in-depth study with spiritual experts all over the world, from which we have retained only that which works best and which truly scans as helpful and healthy.

The success of our program is best judged by the success of our long-term students, who have made some amazing life changes and developed themselves both on a personal and intuitive level. You can find them and their stories in many places around our site.
What do I have to believe in if I become an Elfpath student?
Nothing at all. We teach our students how to open a new sense, and how to start using it. We don't tell them what to see.
Why do you work with ranks and levels?
There are too many unchecked people working in the different meta-fields - no body knows who is actually an expert, and who is a beginner, or who has a really good hit rate. Our ranks and levels are designed to work purely as an indication of progress. Belt ranks reflect the current skills and abilities of each student and teacher, and are awarded only when a strict competency test is passed. As such, belt levels are a reliable indicator for new students as well as outsiders. It tells you who is a beginner, and who has shown real ability. Through the belt system, you know what level of knowledge and intuitive competency you can expect out of everyone associated with Elfpath. And finally, the belt system gives our students a clear series of steps and goals to measure their own progress by. You can find an overview of all belt levels right here.
You say you teach change. Why would I want to change? What would I change into?
Unless you are perfectly happy in your life, with no desires at all to be something more, to learn something new, to grow into everything you could be...then you have to change from where you are at now. People find change difficult, scary, or uncomfortable, and so most people avoid it. And never get the amazing stuff that they could get out of life. Following our program, you would change into someone with a lot more awareness, with a deep understanding of how people work and how to relate to them, free from your past and the things you learned that no longer serve you, emotionally and spiritually more mature, and very capable of expressing exactly who and what you want to be in life. Ultimately, you are the one who decides who you want to change into. We just show you the possibilities and help you get there.

About joining Elfpath

How do I know if Elfpath is right for me?
Try it. We offer a free demo class that teaches two of our most fundamental exercises that both give immediate results. Trying our demo class will give you a great chance to experience our way of teaching, and get you some hands on experience with the material. If you're still curious after that, try our three-month course "Basics". You can also read the testimonials of our students around the site, or talk to them directly in our community or chatrooms.
When I join Elfpath, what do I commit to?
There are different ways you can be a part of Elfpath. You can register to our website, hang out, ask questions, buy our products and come to our parties without any commitment whatsoever except our basic requirement that you be kind to people. It's all free. You can do this for however long you like.

When you sign up for a course and become a student, you commit to showing up for your classes and checkups, doing the basic work, blogging about your progress and difficulties (in any privacy setting you like) and generally holding the attitude expected of an Elfpath student. You also commit to finishing the course you signed up for.

And when you sign up to be a teacher, you commit to giving your students the best you've got, to acting with compassion and integrity and to uphold and teach the Elfpath values.
What if I'm busy and don't have a lot of time?
That's ok. Our entire program is designed to be followed alongside whatever else you are doing in life. Whether you are in school, work a busy job, or just have a lot going on at the moment, you can easily fit your Elfpath education into your life. We teach you to be more yourself, to feel more confident, and to be more stable and relaxed. Especially when you're busy and have a lot going on, now is a good time to start. Of course if you are terminally bored with your life, now is also a good time to start.
What if I'm not sure?
You're never going to be sure. If you wait until you are sure, until you have all the answers and everything is clear, then your life is going to be over and you won't have done anything interesting. You're not supposed to be sure before you start a journey. It's normal to feel jittery, a little unsure, and if you'll admit it, a lot of excited. We recommend you try our Demo class, and if you like, our Basics course after that. These will teach you our most important techniques and give you a stable basis from which to decide if you want more, and if so, how much and when.
How much are the costs? Are there any hidden costs?.
You can purchase our courses, services and products through the shop. The prices are intentionally kept low so that people who are on a tight budget can still benefit from our program, and use it to improve their quality of life. You get what you pay for. If, for whatever reason, your course takes a little longer than the amount of weeks stated in the program, the extra time is on us.
What do you do with the course money?
Elfpath is a non-profit organisation. All of our teachers and staff are currently volunteers. Any course money you pay us, and any other funds we get through sales of services or products, go directly to improving the quality of your learning experience. We use it to expand and improve this website, to be able to keep better stocks in our store, to provide teachers with class materials and to develop our curriculum further.
Where do I sign up?
You can sign up for our free demo class here. This class is held on a regular basis in our Elfpath chatrooms and does not require any commitment beyond a strong recommendation to try the exercises that come with it for yourself, so you can form your own opinion on our methodology. If you have any additional questions about our program, methods, or whether you should sign up for a course, you can contactour information email, where one of our staff will be happy to help you.

If you could not find your answer above, check out our Elfpath Answers department, and if you can't find it there either, feel free to leave your question in the Elfpath Answers for one of our staff or students to answer for you. You can, of course, also ask any question in our Common Room in the chat bar.

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