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It's too easy to get Serious when you are on a path to figure out who you are and what your life is all about. Especially since for all of us, that path leads back inside, where we have buried quite a few messy things along the way. Getting Serious about it, though, has never helped anyone find happiness.

We feel that any program that aims to teach you about life and love, should include a healthy dose of fun. To that end, we developed a few minors that will not rock your world, expose you to any scary ideas, or push your buttons. They simply teach you how to play with some of our methods, and to have fun with them.

Access level: Yellow Belt

The Meta-Intuitive Arts, in all their faces and expressions, have been a part of this world for a long time, and have been explored by many different fields - even ones that you might think are opposite. Many great thinkers and feelers across history have had a strong intuitive component, and have used it liberally in their work.

The minors in this category aim to give you some perspective on the way the Meta-Intuitive Arts relate to other systems of understanding and explaining life. They cover the similarities, and the misconceptions. The topics where there is conflict, and where there is surprising agreement. The many places where the meta- weaves in and out of history and sciences, and the places where it clashed with the existing world view. With this perspective, we want you to form your own opinion on the place of the meta- in the world.

Within the Meta-Intuitive Arts, there are many different types of skills, techniques and approaches to working with the subtle energies and gaining insights from them. Some use divination tools, others use ancient methods or charts. Some are fairly common these days, while others are rarely ever taught to the uninitiated.

In our Main Program, we teach you the fundamental basics, the How-To-Do-Anything-Intuitively, but we do not teach you ins and outs of each and every intuitive technique. We know that not all of our students are interested in them, and to be honest, you don't need them for our program anyway. Or for getting a happy, healthy life.

That said, some of them are really cool. Learning a new Meta-Intuitive skill can be fun, and can make your intuitive experience more interesting. For those of our students who are curious, we offer a small selection of minors that will teach you at least the beginnings of a few subsets of the Meta-Intuitive Arts.

Access: Orange Belt and up

The Meta-Intuitive Arts and what most people refer to as "daily life" are not separate things. When your intuition starts coming online, you can apply it anywhere, to anything. There is absolutely no reason to limit your intuitive skills and awareness to deeply spiritual topics. In fact, we strongly recommend that you use it to make every single part of your life more easy, more light and more fun.

We developed a few minors that target some specific areas of life that you can brighten up and improve by using some simple Meta-Intuitive exercises and understanding.

Access level: Orange Belt and up

When you start intuitively SCANning what's real and what is not, sometimes you come across some pretty strange things. Truths that you thought were obvious... suddenly don't actually feel right. Ideas that you considered way too far out there, sometimes actually start feeling like there's something to it. Have you gone crazy? Or is there really a lot of information out there that you were never told about?

What do you believe, and what do you write off as fantasy?

In the Unconventional Topics minors, we present you with some ideas and theories that are far from mainstream. Some of them may rock your world. Some may be way out of your comfort zone. We won't tell you what is true. Or what to believe. That is your own job. What we will do is teach you how to intuitively SCAN unconventional ideas for yourself, and draw your own conclusions from them.

Access level: Orange Belt and up