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Main Program

The Main Program is the back bone of Elfpath education. It includes all the best we have to offer, and only the best. Every class in this program has been carefully crafted to give our students exactly what they need, when they need it.

It provides:

* all the basic Meta-Intuitive skills and techniques;
* a very hands-on familiarity with the human energy system;
* a deep and solid understanding of your Self both in this life and beyond;
* increased physical health, more energy, and better sleep;
* increased social abilities, including communicative skills and self confidence;
* a true, deep love for yourself and everyone around you;
* personal strength, decisive ability and a strong focus on what matters to you;
* the most advanced spiritual techniques and understandings rarely taught outside of ancient monasteries.

Our Main Program teaches the basics that every human needs to fully develop their potential, to become who they came into this life to be, and to live in harmony with their world. It covers physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human experience, and trains students to excel in all of them. This program transforms you and makes you all that you can be in 2-4 years of part-time study.

Demo Course gives you a peek into the world of Meta-Intuitive Arts. During two hour-long online classes, we will teach you two of our most important techniques, that form the foundation of much of our later program: SWEET and GCB. These powerful but simple techniques are used by all Elfpath students for their many many benefits, including:


  • sleeping better
  • clearing out emotional and energetic blocks
  • increasing your meta-awareness
  • running more energy in your body
  • becoming more stable and centered
  • handling strong emotions better
  • ... and much more 

As with all our classes, Demo Course will allow you plenty of opportunity to interact with our teachers, ask questions, and get intuitive feedback on your technique.

The class is taught in the FREE Demo Class chatroom twice a month and open to anyone who wants first hand experience with the way an Elfpath course is run. We ask no payment for this class or its contents - but we do ask that you bring an open mind an a willingness to learn and try it for yourself. Completing this class makes you ready to test for White Belt, and gets you a 30% reduction off the follow-up course "Basics" , provided you purchase it within a month of completing Demo.

Basics is where you learn your most important Meta-Intuitive exercises and methods. This course is the toolkit of our program. It doesn't matter how far you want to go in the Elfpath process, these are skills you can use every single day for the rest of your life.

Right from the start, you can use them to become more aware of what's going on inside. You will start to recognise behaviours and emotions in others and understand why they are happening. When life is trying to tell you something, you will learn to notice and work with it effectively. And ... you start to learn how you can tell intuitively (and reliably) if someone is lying to you. Imagine how that would change your life forever.

This course focuses heavily on awareness of emotions and the processing of them, as these are skills that go hand in hand with gaining more personal power over your life, growing more intuitive, and setting yourself free from your past so you can choose your own future.

Becoming your Self is a journey of a lifetime. Like all journeys, it involves taking a lot of little steps and allowing yourself to be changed by the experience. It takes a willingness to really look at yourself, and all the places where you are only pretending. It takes the courage to face what you find inside, but also the courage to express who you are into the world with integrity. It even takes learning to have fun again, and to enjoy the ride. You won't become your Self in a week. It's a process. One that is very much worth it, because you will be with your Self for the rest of your life.

In the Becoming You series of courses, you learn techniques and tools that allow you to grow into a beautiful, amazing version of yourself, one that you can truly be happy with. We try to walk you through your process as effectively as possible, step by step, so that you can go through growth that would take you a decade or more to do on your own. The courses follow the unique Elfpath methodology that lets you make effective changes inside, so that you can express who you are, and get the experiences you want out of life. This series consists of four courses, which should be taken in full in order to achieve stable results.


This first course in the Becoming You series has a very strong inside focus, and as such requires all of the tools for recognising and dealing with emotions that you learned in Basics Course. You will learn what your meta-circulation system is, how it works, and how it affects many aspects of your life: from how you feel about yourself, to how you respond to difficult situations, to the way you relate to people.

Of course, we will also give you the tools and techniques you need to change, heal and develop your system into a strong foundation that generates joy-based emotions. Such tools include effective methods to work on destructive thoughts and emotions, childhood experiences and parental influences, but also ways to work directly with your own subconscious and perceive and shape energies there. By the end of these eleven classes, you will have a clear idea of which energies and attitudes you copied from your parents, and you will be well on your way to becoming you, rather than them.

Access level: Yellow Belt

In the second course in the Becoming You series, we use the foundation we built earlier to go deeper into your First Mind, your seat of personal power, where after some obstacles you will find something both sacred and beautiful. We call it the Ka Ton, the Deep Self. It is the essence of who you came into this life to be, . After a life of having been out of touch with your deep self, you will finally reconnect to it in this course, and start to explore for yourself what it really means to be you.

To help you get to this sacred place inside yourself, we will teach you the basics of three pillars of the Meta-Intuitive Arts: Sourcing, Sensing and Shaping. You will start to apply these on a daily basis to have more energy available, to look beyond the surface of things, and to actively change energies that aren't appropriate to you. We will also introduce you to Elfpath's unique system of Life Path Archetypes (LPAs) that will allow you to grow and develop your self for years to come.

Access level: Yellow Belt

Expression of your self is an essential part of life. It is by expressing who you really are, every day, that you will get an amazing experience out of life. That means without hiding behind masks or lies and without letting other people's rules and expectations hold you back. It also means choosing to not express your shadow and those habits that no longer serve you, and to grow in the direction that you want instead. It is by walking your path that you really develop your Self.

Expressing what is real to you, however, does not come easy to most people. It can be scary, new, or just awkward at first. In this third course in the Becoming You series, we focus on helping you express yourself in the world with integrity. You will learn how to change inner agreements you have made about the ways you should behave, but also how to communicate effectively with others, how to look good while doing it, and how to be really excited about living your life.

Access level: Orange Belt

In the previous three courses, we covered the basics that everyone needs in order to have a successful life: a healthy, stable foundation free from most restrictions of your past, a growing sense of who you are, and the tools and techniques to express that effectively to the world around you. There is, however, more to life than this. It is commonly known as "love", which is a very confusing and often misused word. And yet, without a sense of real love for yourself, for the people around you, for the world around you, everything else seems rather empty.

The last course in the Becoming You series is perhaps the most important one of our entire program since it leads you to the opening of your heart chakra. It is a falling in love with everything around you, but then permanently, without any ownership and neediness. We will teach you how to move into a place where you can relate to others (including yourself) with maturity, compassion and a real appreciation for who they are. When your heart opens, you start to move in tune with the world around you, and you begin to be in harmony with life itself. This is what humanity as a whole is moving into, and by the end of this course, you can be one of the first people to make it there.

Access level: Orange Belt

The Growing Wings series of courses is intended for those students who want to go beyond having a happy, healthy life in which they express their best sense of self and experience real love. It is for those people who really want to become someone amazing, skilled well beyond average in any number of fields, living a life with intensity and great personal power. It's for those of you who want to make a difference in the world and who aren't afraid of hard work, commitment and taking responsibility in order to get it. As with the Becoming You series, the four courses in the Growing Wings series belong together and should not be taken in part.


The first course in the series focusses on taking all the things learned in Becoming You, and building increased strength and focus into it. You will learn to do more than just feel and process your emotions: you can actively shape them and feel what you choose. Your will and your decisions become more important than what any other pieces inside you want or feel. With practise, you learn to intuitively SCAN before you act, and when you act, to do so with confidence and conviction. In this course, we will also cover the workings of the Second Mind and give you new techniques to build and expand this very important part of your meta-circulation system.

Access level: Green Belt

When we talk about power at Elfpath, we mean personal power. To be the one in charge of your own life, without letting other people's opinion and pressures affect what you have decided - whether those other people live in your present or in your past, or are simply voices and feelings inside. When you find personal power as strong as this, you suddenly gain an enormous ability to shape your life and move forward with a sense of purpose and direction that other people are simply not capable of. You know who you are, you know what you want and you do not stop until you decide to.

In this second course of the Growing Wings series, you learn some what power means: when to express and enforce what you feel is right, and when to remain quiet. When to push, when to fold, and when not to play at all. You will cover secrets about human interactions and people's subconscious drives, and through practical techniques learn how to use them in a healthy way that is in harmony with everyone involved. Along with this, we will cover appropriate surrender, and expand on your Meta-Intuitive skillset. This course contains several topics that we will not teach to anyone who does not solidly have their heart online and is functioning from love.

Access level: Blue Belt

At this point in your process, you are required to step up and recognise that you are emotionally and spiritually more skilled and much more experienced than almost anyone out there. More is expected of you, in the way you conduct yourself, the energy you hold, and how you life your life in line with your personal values and training.

The third course of the Growing Wings series focusses on really developing high-end Meta-Intuitive Skills, such as recalling past lives and working with the more subtle energies on a day to day basis. Through this, you will gain an in-dept practical understanding of what life is all about, how it works, and how you can work within life's framework to get the most out of it for yourself and the people around you. We will work through Elfpath's uniquely developed Circle of Truths while continuously building a clearer and stronger sense of Self, so that you can become at least reasonably skilled in all the most fundamental pillars of the human experience.

Access level: Blue Belt

Magic - the real kind, where you can sense things beyond the physical and where you can shape your world - takes years of learning, practice and hard work to make it possible. This practice in turn changes you. You are no longer just an ordinary person who has learned some tricks ... learning about magic and making the required changes to yourself and your life turns you into someone magical. Someone who walks in a different world than others, and who brings a touch of magic to anyone they meet.

This last course in the Growing Wings series aims to get you there. It involves advanced classes in energy work, perceiving things well beyond what normal people are capable off and using this to change your energy so that you "have something" even to the normal eye. You will learn metaphysical healing, to change the emotions and energies of the people around you on purpose if they are having trouble. Things that to normal people are "weird" or "too strange" or "not real" start to become a normal, tangible part of life for you, and we will teach you how to use this perception to have a richer, more intense life experience than you ever thought was possible. At this point, your life has started to become truly magical.

This last course in the Growing Wings series concludes the Elfpath main program. Students who want to advance beyond this point and into Black Belt and beyond need to contact their teacher and make private arrangements for a program tailored to their personal needs and interests.

Access Level: Brown Belt