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Who are we?

Elfpath is defined by the people who freely give of their time, energy and love to make this magical school happen. They are all volunteers, and well-trained intuitives. We want you to have a good look at them. See their faces, read their own words, and perhaps talk to them in our chatroom at the bottom of the page. Decide for yourself if these people have something that you want.


 From left to right: Eagle, Rohaa, Angel, Susanne, Gimli, Katherine. (Decision Day 2013)

The Elfpath Council

The Council is the decision making body of Elfpath. They are passionate, involved members of Elfpath, who took on the task of being legally responsible for the wellbeing of our organisation. The Elfpath Council meets once a week and considers the direction Elfpath should go, allocates resources and solves organisational problems.

Rohaa - Chair

When I started this school in the Summer of 2009, we went from a handfull of people to several classes to an average of 50 students very quickly. Over the years, we've all worked together on improving our program and our understanding of the intuitive potential that is starting to blossom up in humanity. I've seen our program give people confidence and help them make their biggest dreams come through. I've seen it change lives over and over again. And I've seen our students come to treat each other with integrity, with compassion, with love. Ideally, I want to teach it to everyone out there. I want this to be a place where people from all over the world can come to learn about their intuitive gifts, to grow, and to find a warm and accepting community. We're here to make that happen.

Susanne - Finance & Sales

I make things happen within the council. Things need done, I do them. I decide it needs done, it gets done. I'm passionate about making sure that we get money for the wonderful products and services we have so we have money to spend on creating more and providing more for our people. For the future I want a team of accountants :D

Mika - Secretary & Quality Control

I am in the council because I had a vision of how the organisation might look and I would like to be part of building this. On the one hand by keeping track of some of the legal things and writings, and on the other by talking to people to see if they are doing what they said they would. At the same time I would like to show with passion that the world is a beautiful place which you can look at through magical eyes. Elfpath can show you this, and help you become more yourself in the process. Especially the staff and council people can be excited about being part of this community because they can make the organisation more awesome. So I would like to make sure that people are happy in their role as organisational people, check if they have the tools and skills needed and see that they get them if not.

Gimli - Public Relations

Over two years ago, I signed up looking for magic. I am starting to find it. What I did not expect to find was that I have this potential to be AWESOME, big and shiny. Having a magnetism of the sort that makes everyone go "yay Gimli!" when I enter the room. I've grown a lot of personal strength, confidence, swagger, charisma. This shows me that we've got a really special kind of magic at Elfpath: the kind that turns average people into amazing, caring, powerful people. This magic needs to be spread around the world, and I am in the lucky position that I could step up and help make it happen. So I did, and the council welcomed me into their ranks.


Our Staff are dedicated members of Elfpath who saw a need, and stepped up to get the job done. They have taken on responsibilities for our students, program and community, and are an invaluable part of making sure our users, students, and teachers get the support they need.

teddy 200x150Teddy - Courses Organiser

One thing that is important to me about organizing the courses is matching the students with the teachers that can give them what they need. Each teacher has something different to offer, and each student needs a different thing. It's a bit like watching the puzzle pieces put together throughout both the student's and their teacher's learning process. I enjoy observing the different patterns people show and how they interact with others. I learn a lot about myself and others while helping people with their courses.

Storm - Comunity Moderator

As a Community Moderator I’ve made it my mission to change the lone-wolf mentality of soul seekers, and to help others realize that no one is alone - especially not at Elfpath. Life is a game, and games are just that much more fun with people you can trust and enjoy it with. As people meet the Elfpath, connecting with others is just another way to influence this change, and to help the community grow brighter and bolder. So! I’ve taken it upon myself to play tour-guide, and act as a helping hand for the current community of students and teachers and, of course, for others who pay a visit.

Without further delay, welcome to Elfpath. Enjoy your stay :)

Rohini - Developer

rohini developer

 Building Elfpath website was a great learning experience for me. I learn something new from every peice of work I do. Its a great pleasure for someone to see their own planted tree growing in fornt of their eyes, I had a similar experience while working on this site as the phases were passing by.

ELFPATH is not only a part of my work experience but also will remain an unforgettable part of my life. I am grateful to all for making me a part of it.

I would specially thank Rohaa for her great support, co-operation and patience throughout the development phase."

Teaching Team

Our teachers are the back bone of Elfpath. They hold up the program and teach it to the younger students in a way they can hear. They encourage and inspire their students, and make them feel safe and understood. Being an Elfpath teacher is unlike any other teaching position: these people happily take on a shared responsibility for other people's emotional and spiritual well-being, stay available at night and during their days, use their intuition to find answers for others and find problems that people have been stuck at for sometimes decades. Here they are.

Rohaa - Master Teacher

I've been teaching and counselling continuously since 2009, through online classes, face-to-face classes, private sessions, e-mail readings, workshops and paranormal fairs. Although I'm originally from Europe, I spent some time in Egypt and Morocco for intuitive studies, and lived in the UK and the United Stated for some time. I've worked with and helped hundreds of people, from 2 year olds to 80 year olds, and each of them has taught me something in turn. I love seeing them really come to life. Currently, I am focussed on developing the Elfpath curriculum, working with the older students, and teaching our teachers.

Melanie - Teacher

I started teaching directly after finishing my Basics course in 2010. Since then I've been teaching Basics and Becoming You courses almost non-stop, and have helped and counselled dozens of people both online and off. I teach because I feel that showing people how awesome the world is, and how awesome they are, is the most important thing there is. My (ex-)students are some of the happiest, strongest and most incredible people I know and I'm grateful for every single one of them. Apart from teaching students, I will also be helping our other teachers grow in their teaching skills.

Gimli - Teacher

Hello and well met! I am Gimli and I am AWESOME. Over the last 2 years, Elfpath helped me transform myself into the AWESOME young MAN that I am today. In that time I taught thee Basics courses, and guided a few dozen individuals in their quests in this world full of mystery and wonder! Besides becoming more Awesome, my other major interest is MAGIC. Using my WILL and INTENSITY to shape my life and the world around me into something more wonderful, amazing, rich, and alive!

Susanne - Teacher

I became a teacher in the Elfpath program because I had never seen anything so effective at getting people what they want IN MY LIFE. And since all my life I've wanted to help people actually getting to do in something I've seen being really effective that sounded awesome. AND there was another reason. I have a little girl. She was 8 months at the time I started and I noticed how the changes I was making were making a difference to her too. And when I intentionally started applying the Elfpath techniques to my parenting I was getting even stronger effects with her. Happier child, less tantrums, happier mom, happier child :D YAY. So then wanted to share the awesome with more parents. Have them share in the joys of almost tantrumless 'terrible twos' :D So the sprout program was born and has been growing ever since.

Teddy - Teacher

My name is, Teddybear. My belt is Green, my clan is Shaper, and my type is A3F. Angel gave me the name during my internship in Summer 2012. What gets me excited is finding all the fish that I can find, in other words, things in my life that gives me yay. For example, I get excited about eating fish, dreams, cycles, processes, babies, and many more that I have yet to discover. During my process, one of the biggest things I learned is about happiness and I want to share that with the world. To teach people that yes they can really have it.

Storm - Teacher

Hello! I am STORM, a force of excitement and forward motion! The world we’re in is just what I’ve been waiting for. During my three year adventure with Elfpath, I’ve seen it help people change their lives and gain a new found sense of self-confidence in their process. I’ve felt the changes in myself – more than I ever could’ve imagined. As a result, I’ve begun reconnecting with the magic in this world and this lifetime on purpose. And the deeper I dive, the more I want. And the more I find, the more I just have to share it! This is a magic of transformation and it is one that I believe anyone who wants should have the chance to discover and grow with. So, now I spend a lot of my time counseling, teaching, and – thanks to a few reminders – using just about any chance I get to share “this”; the new energies in the world – the “music”, the teachings and wisdom of my teachers, as well as my own deeper wisdom.

Mika - TA

I feel that teaching is a way of showing people what elfpath is about and how elfpath can help people be more themselves and show them that there is a lot of beauty around you if you only look at it and that life can be fun! Teaching my kids how to be more aware of what they are feeling and showing them how they can deal with emotions by letting them go in a fun game has really made a difference in my and other kids. And showing them that the world is an exciting place with lots of things to experience has made their and my world a more fun place to be in. Being able to explain the teachings of Elfpath has strengthened my belief that these teachings, the techniques and the tools can be useful to anyone who is willing to learn them, because even a toddler has no trouble applying them and fares well by them!

Jasper - TA

I'm here to teach because I want to share what I was taught! I want to give other peoples the tools my teachers gave me that's helped my life so much in every aspect. So I want to share that, give it to other people so they can make their life more them and awesome!

Genaya - TA

I always wanted to do something in my life that would make a difference in this world. What better way than to teach Elfpath to others? In the year I've been a part of it, I've learned so much already about my life, my own happiness, embracing my Awesomeness... I want to pass that on, and help others find out how awesome they already are and how amazing they could become.


 Angel is the heart of Elfpath.

 His decades of personal experience teaching and counselling tens of thousands of people, his astoundingly rich life experience, and his off-the-chart intuitive abilities form the basis for most of our school's curriculum. He helps us to understand why some exercises work, and others do not, and how to improve the methods we have. He catches problems before people get hurt. He opens doors for people to a life that they had given up on since childhood. Around him, people have a tendency to change for the better.

Through active recollection of many past lives, he has the wisdom and perspective to see where our world is at, and what it is beginning to grow into. From this place, he actively works to smooth the way there, to encourage the development of this world so that it can come to a stable place faster, easier, and with a whole lot more fun along the way.

Most of Angel's time is spent doing deep intuitive research, crafting beautiful magic to help our world heal and grow, and charting the path that will lead regular people out of the chaos they grew up in, and into a whole new world where they can truly be who they came here to be, and live a rich, exciting life with an open heart.

Moderator Team



It's not about doing it 'right'. Just do it. And have fun :).








 Hi! My name is Jacob, and I am one of the community moderators! If you need any help navigating the website, have questions or suggestions for the Flash and audio/visual media, or just want to say hi, send me a message!



Hi! This process is all about connecting and interacting and having fun with other people. You never have to figure something out on your own. So whether you're a student or not, whether you have a question or just want to chat, feel free to send me a message. I'll help you out.


I guess somewhere everyone wants to find out about those big questions of life. Maybe I can't do -that- for you just yet, but I'm happy to help you as best as I can anyway. Hit me up for a chat, a laugh, a shoulder or just some questions about the site, I'll be glad to have you!