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The Elfpath Vision

At Elfpath, we have big plans for our future. We teach our students to dream big and to make the most of themselves, and we do the same for our organisation as a whole. We are constantly asking ourselves: Where does Elfpath need to go? Where do we see ourselves in 2 years? And 5? How about 20? How does Elfpath look 300 years from now? And what steps can we take right now, in the moment, to get us closer to that?


The cliffnotes are simple: We want to teach Elfpath to everyone in the world. We're not kidding. All the people. What we are teaching can help so many. We've already seen it with our own eyes, and from our own experience, in the last few years of working with hundreds of people. We are confident that we can significantly improve the quality of life of every single person out there, in a very short time, with astoundingly little effort for them and at a very low cost. And we want to give them that.

Here are some specific points :

  • We want to create a program that is solid, reliable and efficient. We want people to go from regular folks to skilled, expertly trained, well-rounded Meta-Intuitives with their heart online and the ability to make their life into anything they choose. We want this program to be famous, easily-accessible, open for all, practical, efficient and fun. 
  • We want to create physical world locations where people can come in any time and visit, ask questions, ask for intuitive input, get help with their lives, their gifts, their energy system, where they can hang out with people who have similar interests, and where they can take workshops, meet, teach, and learn.
  • We want to teach the basics of Elfpath teachings to all children in the world, so that they can all grow up with the ability to ground noisy energies, notice and process strong or painful emotions, intuitively know who to trust and who is lying, sense the right answers, and create a life that most fully allows them to express who they are.

 {tab=Done so far}

Done so far

In the last year, we've already accomplished a LOT. You are looking right now at our proudest accomplishment of 2013: this site. Elfpath.com has become a place where our students can share, chat, tell their stories, find their information, have their classes, in an environment that is inviting and interactive. Non-students can now access most of our information, get answers, and talk to our intuitives. We've taken Elfpath from a mostly behind-the-scenes organisation, to a solid online presence where anyone can come to learn and enjoy themselves. We've also:

  • Re-structured all our courses for the first year, so that the process from White Belt to Green Belt is now stable and well developed. This includes discovering and incorporating much new material.
  • Started the Shine program for parents of young children, to help them parent intuitively and healthily, and so prevent most of the problems we unknowingly gather in childhood. While, of course, improving their own lives too.
  • Created a short and sweet Demo-Class freely accessible to anyone to replace our three-month Introduction Course.
  • Created a Shop to sell the amazing Meta-Tools that are helping so many of us, and in doing so made magic available to the rest of the world for prices that, let's be honest, are far under actual value.
  • Established the three Clans - Sources, Sensers and Shapers - who are now beginning to grow into their own and exploring ways to make their particular branch of the Meta-Intuitive Arts more impressive.

In the coming year, we're looking to do even more.

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 Up and Coming

Of course we are always working to improve our courses and make more information available to the general public. Our higher belts and teachers especially are constantly looking for new ways to motivate students, to get results even quicker, or to get consistent results with Meta-Intuitive abilities. In addition to that, we are currently working on these concrete goals:

  • Putting our Shine program on the map. Our pioneers Susanne and Mika are finding wonderful results with their own children, and the parents and kids they've worked with have found real results. The coming year, we will get serious about starting several classes and making Shine a full component of Elfpath.
  • Elfpath houses! The Meta-Intuitive Arts are much easier if you have supportive people around you. We are working on setting up two Elfpath houses, one in the Netherlands, one in the United States, each of which will house 4-6 students of Green Belt or up. They will be places where other students can visit and hang out, do internships, have one-week intensives, and have workshops at.
  • Creating a stable program for students from Green to Black Belt. Now that we have some students working their way up there, we can start comparing their process and tune our teachings to give the next generation a much better curriculum for this part of the path.
  • AMBI status. This means gaining international status as a non-profit, charitable organisation, which means students can deduct donations from taxes, as well as various other benefits.
  • Expanding our student base. In the next year, we will work towards expanding our numer of active students to approximately 3000. For the past few years, we have been working to make our program stable enough, and both our teachers and our website are ready now to handle a significant increase in students. It will be fascinating to work with so many new people and see the various intuitive gifts in action that each of them will bring with them.
  • Workshops. We want to start providing simple, one afternoon or one-weekend workshops for non-students who don't have the time or interest or daring to really follow our process and change their lives to something much more exciting... but who still want to taste magic, and personal power, and improve their lives in little things.

{tab=The Dream}

The Dream

While we're working on the immediate goals, we are also already planning for the next two to five years.

  • Elfpath Houses in multiple countries. With each of them being an active centre from which experienced students live, teach, share and affect their surroundings for the better. Brown and Black Belt students would travel between Elfpath Houses to teach the students living there, to get experience, and to keep everyone in synch. It would also give great opportunities for our people to travel and experience the world.
  • Relocating our main office to another country, and expanding it so that it can house multiple in-house students, interns, and visitors. It will have a hostel or hotel with it, so that we can be open to the public all year round, whether that public consists of Elfpath students, general travels, or people who want to see it for themselves.
  • Elfpath-taught services readily available to anyone, including trained and skilled Sensers in courtrooms and politics to ensure that everyone involved is telling the truth., Shapers and Healers in doctors offices, Sources in public places to ground noise and harmonise the energies.
  • Creating an International Meta-Intuitive Certification Agency. There are so many people who (claim to) work with the energies, perceive non-physical things, have guidance, or know the way. Some of them are amazing, gifted people with lots of training and a good heart with no other interest than to help people. Some are naturally gifted, but lack training. Some have stubled across things they shouldn't be playing with, and either know it or don't know it. Some are frauds. There is a need for an organisation to objectively evaluate and certify people working in this field, much like the American Medical Association started to do for the medical field, so that people know who they should trust and go to for help, and who not.



Over the past few years, we have done many things that according to any definition of science, or common sense, or general life-experience... shouldn't be possible. We've taken people who were very messed up, and helped them grow into strong, beautiful, astounding people that everyone looks up to and loves. We've shown consistent results with Meta-Intuitive practises that science has no way of explaining yet. We've created and are working with Meta-Tools that affect your energies, your emotions, your life. 

If some of our dreams are ambitious, well, yes. We know. But what you may not know is that we've been doing incredible, impossible-sounding things for years now, and using our passion, program and gifts to create a better, healthier world is simply part of the plan.

 You're very welcome to come help out!

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